Top 5 Salsa & Bachata Festivals in Europe

  1. MamboCity 5 Star Congress

You may be surprised, but London has always played a central role in the world of salsa. According to, the salsa & bachata industry in London is even more flourishing than Paris. Now we are going to have a look at a senior salsa brand — MamboCity 5 Star Congress.

MamboCity was founded by two sophisticated salsa dancers, Robert and Jean White in August 1999. In 2003, they started their International festival, the London 5 Star Salsa Congress. And now it has become the longest running salsa congress in the UK and it is going to celebrate its 16th birthday. During the congress, every hour there are up to 8 different salsa parties, teaching or performance at the same time. In this respect, no one equals MamboCity. The cast is also unparalleled. Such as the 7 times world champions Karen Y Ricardo, Maykel Fonts & Sylvia Chapelli, Abu Pachanga and so on, all of whom are the frequenters of MamboCity 5 Star Congress.

As the most professional and well-known salsa festival in Britain, I really recommend all the British salsa fans to give it a try, especially those most lovely people from Salsa Buena!

Place: Radisson Blu Hotel, London

Date: May 3rd-6th, 2019

2. Berlin Salsa Congress

Unlike its heavy and serious history, now Berlin is the best nightlife city in Europe, and there is no one of. Therefore, everything related to party in this city is GRAND, and Berlin Salsa Congress is no exception.

“Make the difference” is the slogan of Berlin Salsa Congress, which represent the spirit of this world-top salsa congress that they are never satisfied with the current situation and they are always ready to change to explore the new possibilities. And there does have a lot of differences in Berlin from other salsa congresses. Every participant can enjoy the Special Training Bachata & Kizomba, Prefestival Intensives UrbanKiZ & Salsa and Semba Intensive Training taught by world-class instructors. And these are only in Berlin! Ernesto & Denisse, Adolfo & Latin Soul Dancers and so on are invited there, and the congress even prepares an amazing Seminars & Olu Olu’s Coffee Lounge!

Place: The Tempodrom, Berlin

Date: October 3rd-6th, 2019

3. El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival

El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival is a world leading dance institution, enriching and inspiring the hearts and minds of dance individuals from all over the world. Based in the fabulous capital of Warsaw, it is making itself as the leading salsa festival in Eastern Europe.

In the LatinDanceCalender, El Sol Warsaw Salsa Festival has always been in the “Top Recommend” section. With 15 years of development, it will attract at least 2,000 salsa fans this time. Different levels of workshops, lectures and bootcamps will fill in 4 salsa rooms all the time, and this is the best chance to see the US salsa stars such as Ernesto & Denisse, Alien Ramirez and so on! If you still haven’t enjoyed yourself, a giant afterparty is waiting for you!

Place: Sangate Hotel, Warsaw

Date: November 7th-10th, 2019

4. Amsterdam International Salsa Festival

Amsterdam International Salsa Festival is organized by Extremos Salsa & Bachata Dance School based in Amsterdam since November 2000. It expects to create a place for all the salsa lovers. No matter experienced dancers or salsa rookies, everyone can enjoy the joy of dance there.

This 3-day festival will offer over 110 workshops, amazing showcases, and lots of fun! Besides all the normal activities a salsa festival must have, the highlight of AISF is the Live concert of Tromboranga, who are one of Europe’s absolute top salsa orchestras. What a great treatment to enjoy the salsa dance and concert at the same time! And AISF also has plenty of activity venues including main venue, preparty venue, hotel and dance studio. You will never get bored!

Place: De Koning, Amsterdam

Date: January 31st-February 2nd, 2020

5.Paris International Salsa Congress

A grand salsa festival is going to be held at the capital of a romantic and elegant country, which is, the Paris International Salsa Congress (PISC).

Founded in 2016, this young energetic salsa congress brand was highly welcomed by the salsa & bachata lovers once launched. This year, at its 4th congress, approximately 2,000 participants from all over the world gathered at Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile from 16th to 21st April to enjoy this wonderful capital.

What a beautiful scene it would be when you are enjoying the salsa at midnight meanwhile outside the window the Eiffel Tower is glittering. When salsa met Paris, there will be the best chemical reaction. Paris International Salsa Congress is the congress a salsa lover should go at least once in his or her life.

Place: Undecided

Date: April 14th-20th, 2020

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